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• 3/16/2019


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• 7/7/2018

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• 10/8/2017

BBG Removed from Microsoft Store?

It seems like they removed the game from the Micreosft store. It was still on there last week I think. Does anyone know why it was removed? This Game Deffinitly should be added to steam with controller support.
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• 6/17/2017

Rate of fire statistic on pages

Okay, this has been bugging me since forever. Currently, under rate of fire on weapons pages we list the time between shots, which is not what rate of fire is. A rate of fire would be something like 600 RPM (rounds per minute). I'm thinking we should either convert all rate of fire statistics to SPM (shots per minute) form or SPS (shots per second), or we could change 'rate of fire' to 'time between shots'.
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• 11/28/2016

Overlock error

ve been playing overclock for a few month now but am unab Italic textle to log into my account that I made purchases on and can't seem to get any help I keep getting can not log into skyvu then diverts me to facebook but get to a point then stops with a error code fb254124971396392
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• 9/2/2016

Assassin's Ear

Why is Botch's ear looks like someone/thing bit it?
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• 9/10/2015

Competitve BBG?

I don't know if it even exists but I'm throwing in out there. (Also I'm curious how I can get in if there is one.)
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• 7/17/2015

From Start... to Now

Although I may not be the oldest person on this wiki... I can imagine what it is like from when the wiki was created, to what it is now. Here's my Point of View of the timeline:
First Created: It was not much of a wiki. still in need of members, low amount of people, and not much information. It had little pages, and little popularity.
Wiki Rises: At this phase, the wiki is now a normal wiki, with enough users on it, and a few trolls that were there to ruin most articles. Then, with new games of BattleBears come to life, and a few major updates, the wiki takes an interesting rise.
Wiki starts to head towards downfall: Now at this point, things get darker. More trolls come, more negatives, and a few members leaving. This is where people become inactive, and loses popularity. The games and updates also become more inactive.
Wiki Near to Downfall: The wiki is near to become failed, and an empty wiki. With few users now roaming the wiki, there is little popularity and excitement anymore. The wiki is near to Downfall...
It is almost the same as Near to Downfall now. More people leave, and become inactive. Some are at the brink of retiring forever also. And one just did. Applergamers. Now the wiki is near to the end... for a few more months left now.
Of course, this is almost every wiki might encounter now. Be it gaming, reading, movies, etc., they will come across the same fate as ours. It gets popular and then people start hating. I might be a derpy jeff, but I am really serious about this. If we want a good wiki, we have to keep it alive. That's our responsibility to monitor everything on the wiki.
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• 6/4/2015

It's Time

Three years. For three years I've edited on Wikia with this account. Two have been with among the best community I've ever seen. 
Now, I'm moving on. I plan to retire from the ENTIRE Wikia network next Saturday, June 13th.
I've been thinking about what to say here for over a month. Then, I just said "Screw it, I'll wing it".
This wiki is my home and it will always be my home. Nothing will surpass the great excitement I've had on this wiki. You know what my dream was when I joined? I wanted to be admin. I loved editing Wiki. I loved the amazing community. I loved the greatness and amazingness of all the friends I've ever had. I was never happier when Hackey gave me my dream. He gave me the opportunity. He gave me it despite the fact that it was no longer the blossoming community it once was. I just can't thank anyone enough and you know what? I'll do my best to thank everyone who has helped me.
Bo$$ Eats Cheese : God damn it Bo$$. Why do you have be inactive right now :P. Anyways, you definitely the definition of the word friend. Thinking about you and/or Immortal just makes me smile. Thanks for the Cheese clan. I'll never forget the amazing fun I've had within the Cheese clan. Thank you fo Co-Leader. Despite not being in it anymore, I've never had a better clan. Ever.
Cheese Immortal : C'mon "Ricky". Should I buy Field Medic? I'm still puzzled by that question today. Should I or should I not? Provolowned isn't doing much to me. You and Bo$$ just were two of my closest friends on this wiki. I'll never forget your warm pesonality, Immortal. Pesky Wikia Contributors, who cares? You still got Bo$$ and you'll always have me in your heart.
Cheese Ausar : I still haven't caught up to you in the leaderboard like I said I would. And by the way Ausar, I POSTED MORE EVERYPLAY VIDEOS THAN YOU! XD. Cheese clan buddies. Wiki buddies. Even on the Infinity Blade wiki (where I did absolutely nothing until I requested my own demotion). Thanks for the fun buddy.
Kodokor12: I was always jealous of your "superior" editing skills. But you know, you definitely were one of the Wiki greats. Definitely. You taught me that edits aren't everything on this wiki. It's the knowledge and personality. And personally, I think you had one of the happiest spirits on this wiki. You never really got mad here, unlike me. When people said you did something wrong, you simply apoligized and it never happened again. You were a great mentor. I'll truly never forget.
Clinkzbone : I don't know why, but I screwed up in my first year. A lot. In fact, I still screw up a lot, and should I give a- oh wait, wouldn't that be breaking rules? :P Thanks for being a great colleague here and on the forum.
Gnifle : I doubt you'll ever see this but let me tell you: you were aboslutely one of my most dear friends here. You were a great mentor. You inspired me. You are the number one reason I grew to love Wikia. Thank you Gnifle. I will truly always be inspired by you. Always.
But the person I really thank the most is not anyone above. It had to be the one person who gave me the opportunity. The person who helped me stick around for so long.
Hackey5 . You gave me this chance. You gave me the chance nobody else gave me. You gave me the dream of my life. That dream was admin here. I can never thank you enough. Money doesn't go that far. I hope you know how truly grateful I am. You taught me everything I didn't know. You taught me the wiki. You gave me the only thing I truly wished for.
Thank you. To everybody. But ya know? Thank you BattleBears Wiki. It's truly been amazing.

Appler Talk 23:16, June 4, 2015 (UTC)
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• 4/28/2015

Free/public accounts.

I think they removed all free accounts that were revealed to the public. Tried several and none worked. (Don't think I want to hack or something, I just want to use that account to test the new BBG weapons).
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• 2/1/2015

Which class do you think is the easiest to kill?

BBG has lost many a player due to the pay2win time period that is now over. Nonetheless I'm gonna make this thread!
Which class is the easiest one for you to kill? Personally for me it's the Assault and the Demo. Both have slow-firing weapons so I keep strafing them :P
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• 1/14/2015

What is your favorite weapon of BBG?

Definitely the Chaos Toss. For some people, they have trouble using poison weapons like Chaos Toss. Got about 5 kills with this weapon. Or, combine with Gravity Well, then it drains a lot faster. What's your favorite weapon???
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• 10/9/2014

Wiki Tasks

I have changed my username colour to that of a "tribute", one who has served as an administrator in the past. Very close to my retirement, first I must pass on a few things:
Adminship: Who wants to be an admin? Hands up.
Main page: Whoever is left in charge of this will unfortunately have a very hard time maintaining it. Before even Gnifle was controlling it, someone had the idea to use templates to transclude everything onto it, meaning you'll have to go off and find those to make a single edit. I might try and address this once and for all, otherwise go to Special:Log, select the Template namespace and browse to find everything. They are not protected, just well hidden, so anyone can edit them. Keep in mind that certain things require knowledge of HTML and CSS to manipulate without messing up everything. Proceed carefully.
Categories: One thing I always tried to stay on top of. Please try to keep to that established system so quick navigation between pages is easy. All standard articles receive the "Battle Bears" category, one for their game, and another for the kind of thing it is. BBG articles use more categories such as those for class, weapon, etc. I will give one last sweep to the categories, and from then on it'll be up to everyone else. Be intuitive and it should work simply enough.
"Community" pages: The pages with the Community category are non-standard articles. The Community Portal for instance, formally called "BattleBears Wiki:Community Portal", is a page explaining aspects about running the wiki. Whoever is in charge should keep that in mind and attempt to include any related information there. There are others for administrator conduct, policy, templates etc. Use the aforementioned Category:Community to locate them.
Games pages: Try put some extra effort into these pages. They are dedicated to entire games, and compare this to the fact many wikis are dedicated to single games. Stack as much relevant information on them as you can if they are minor games.
Updates page: I might do this myself, but if I don't, transfer the update logs of each game to their own pages. On second thought, the updates page is not necessary (and hard to find) despite having had it for so long.
Stat pages: Weapon Statistics and Status Effects are two very useful pages that can cover for a lot of smaller pages should they be used properly. Currently they apply to both BBG and BBP unless someone wants to split them up, but I don't think you'd need to. I would advise someone good at writing works on them so everything is explained clearly.
Weapon Types page: This page does not exist at the time of writing this. A long time ago I begun describing the weapon classifications such as "Category:Automatic", "shotgun", "radiation" etc. on their category pages. However, this wiki doesn't actively use them with written content. Instead, someone who is very clear on how weapons function and what that means in classifying them can edit the page to include all that information in the same way Weapon Statistics has its own page.
Battle Bears Pro: This is almost angering as to how stupid it is to change the name of a game so shortly after its release. It is none other than the game's wiki that is hit so hard after such a move. This is important for you editors looking for a basic (but long) task, to change all references of Battle Bears Ultimate (BBU) into Battle Bears Pro (BBP). This includes links and titles. I'm not sure if you're forced to create redirects when remaming pages, but I used to go and delete them and correct all the links that used them to the new name. If you can avoid creating redirects by unchecking a tickbox when you rename a page, do so. Special:ListRedirects is where you can find the redirects. Special:WantedPages is the dead link list. This wiki is a fantastic wiki if you can get rid of all of them, no matter where they are.
General editing: Weapons pages of both BBP and BBG. If this wiki is used for anything, it's to get stats. We get them (BBG) from here, but they're no use to anyone within that blob of text. Get them on and get them right, the articles need them, if that's the only thing they have on them.
Badges: Administrators, you still need to source some images for many of the badges. Ensure they are Battle Bears related and briefly reflect the given name of the badge. I would rather the names are not changed from what they are, but that's no longer my choice. Another thing in regards to badges is the custom badge tracks. Mentioning BBP earlier, if you replace the "Battle Bears Ultimate" category, the track won't work, but creating a new track is required if reapplying it to the "Battle Bears Pro" category. There's no comprimise, making it unfair to those who don't have BBU badges because they won't be able to get them. It's a management decision, just remember that once a track is created, it cannot be deleted and all those who earn those badges keep those badges.
CSS: Not until I worked on it did anyone other than Gnifle possess any CSS knowledge to go and edit the CSS MediaWiki page. Only administrators can edit it through their dashboard, but others can view it by typing "mediawiki" into the search and locating it in the results. I have gone and labelled everything, making it a good well easier to edit for those who know how. Hopefully what's been worked up for the wiki's visuals suffice and make it look a lot nicer, but once more, that's in the hands of those next in line.
Getting places: If you want to run this wiki, you've got to know where to go. Special:SpecialPages. The Community Portal has a partial list on it, this has everything. There's also a "toolbar directory" under Administrators on the navigation bar which lets you pin some of them yo your toolbar at the bottom of your screen. Using these links, you can do a lot of things. It's up to you to find out.
Any questions?
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• 9/24/2014

WARNING: Declaration of Wiki Inactivity

As it stands, the level of activity on the Battle Bears Wiki has declined to a point I cannot recall being so low, possibly more than it ever has been since its birth. Pages with the most editors in the last 30 days? Typically it is 3, but so little people are editing that... well, I don't know what to say.
For me - and since leaving the forum - I have little to no motivation to carry on. I can only assume that with practically no one editing, very little are viewing the wiki to decide to join.  Who am I editing for? It seems in this situation, we are in a state of abandonment.
To those of you reading, I will not lie, I am disappointed. But today as I declare this wiki more or less without active staff, I confess that I will be drawing close to my own official retirement. That would take another longer speech, and for that I currently do not have time. However, I am willing to immediately grant adminship to anyone who is interested. Sadly, we... I... whoever remains here, will leave all existing plans, projects and management to those next in line, with no guarantee of completion or even consistency.
Where from here? I don't know.
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• 8/21/2014

Battle bears gold and new version

Hi, on first time, I'speak English very bad! Sorry
I would know, if BBG is yet in the actuality?
I'm scared to the new BB, take the place of BBG?
Thank you in advance.
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• 8/7/2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: The More Current Situation

The glory days of the wiki are no doubt over, until we have a mighty jump in editors let alone activity. Anyhow, that should in no way defer gradual progress which during some newfound spare time I will be able to offer my services. Our other admins? Busy I suppose.
Administrator Status: The presence of admins - also comparable to standard editors - has been dwindling. Good for you standard editors, as that means adminship is more easily granted, but that doesn't mean saying please is the whole extent of it. If you're interested, give me a call. As for our current admins, I'd say ApplerGamers and Clinkzbone are the main ports of call other than me if I'm not available. Kodokor12 is so far inactive and Bearzerger is more of a periodic visitor. Older staff are no longer considered at all active and should not be messaged. Finally, spread the word that we're looking for new, fresh and hopefully regular editors to help carry on the legacy.
New Theme: One which I'm hoping you guys will like. The stale and boring grey shan't be returning this time. Having learned some CSS, I was able to begin making some modifications to the appearence of the wiki. An ever so slightly nicer font and a tad lighter navigation bar and buttons for those with keen eyes, along with the more noticeable blue colour scheme for other elements of the wiki. Some things haven't be recoloured yet, as I have to do everything manually. Those who would like to help can identifying things such as templates and tabs and provide a list of items which haven't been refurbished yet. And of course, suggestions are always good to hear!
Categories: Something you'd know I fuss over a lot by now. Having to manually replace categories because they're no longer specific (should a new game be released) is a long and tedious process. Fortunately, I've covered a good few that weren't too much of a hassle, but a big one still is the "Weapons" category. These all need to be changed to "BBG Weapons", and we know how many of those there are. They've been started. Give us a hand by doing what you can, and those articles could use some polishing if you're feeling ambitious.
Badges: You'll all be pleased to hear the BB-1, BBG and BBU badge sets are all active! Go off and edit stuff! Many still require new images, and despite being quite neglected following their initial naming, it's still known and up on the agenda.
Weapon Types Article: Up until now, to classify weapons into groups based upon their design and function was up to the categories found at the bottom of their articles. I think I started putting stuff on some of the category pages themselves, but I wouldn't bet many people even know about them. Instead, I'll be putting that stuff on one big page for an easy way to find out about how types of weapons work. The category for this page will be "Stats", a label also used for the Weapon Statistics and Status Effects pages, both of which I will be revising soon enough. I will also need someone to help with the relevant BBU stats like Criticals and whatnot as those are new and currently not covered. That brings us to...
BBU Articles: Attention is quite poor in terms of those. They need a lot of work and I feel like I've been doing far too much organisation considering I don't even have the game. I've made sure as much information as possible is stored on a single page, which is something that wasn't done with BBR/BBG making things like categories far harder to manage. Now, everything should be more accessible for more convenient editing, so pitch in and try get the wheels rolling with this one.
Other stuff: I think having finally got that lingering Maps page out of the way is something worth being noted. BBG Maps provides links to all map articles and gives a little information about common map features. In the meantime, I'll be continuing to go about organisation and keeping everything in a good condition. Don't think there's much else, although there's bound to be something I've missed. Oh well. Good day to everyone!
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• 7/20/2014

Category events

Do you guys think we should add a category about the events, ie Generators, turrets and bandits?
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• 6/16/2014

Energy Barrier Price

Why does it say 120,000 joules. It's actually 100 gas guys.
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• 6/12/2014


Um, I looked through the source code for MediaWiki:Common.css and apparently there's code for userboxes and the Babel template.
So I've been wondering why no one uses userboxes.
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• 6/9/2014

Plan for the Release of BB:U

The current plan is as follows:
Each character gets a new page, like "Astoria (Battle Bears Ultimate)" or something like that. On it, we put the character abilities, their descriptions, and a general overview of each character. Oh, and quotes. Can't forget quotes.
Each weapon type gets its own page, so we have individual pages for Sniper Rifle, SMG, Rocket Launcher, etc.
Under each weapon page we describe the basic 3(4?) variants of the weapon, i.e. Standard, Futuristic, Steampunk (and Elemental?) and state their stats. That will be the main contents of that page. Under that we will have a section called "Unique Weapons" or something along those lines (can't remember what they're called in-game off the top of my head). In that section, we list all the weapons that fall under the broad weapon category. For example, Daisy Cutter goes under Rocket Launcher.
Each of those unique weapons will have its own page, following the style of the current BB:G pages.
Weapon recolours will be briefly mentioned as a note, something along the lines of "All weapons can be recoloured."
Augments can all go on one page, seperated by type (character or weapon).
Challenges can also all go into one page. From what I've seen we only have 3 variants (shoot targets, kill x Huggables, destroy generators and turrets), so it shouldn't be too hard.
Unique character skins will get their own pages in a similar fashion as the current BBG skin pages.
Gear will follow the same format as the current BB:G Specials.
Any and all constructive feedback is welcome.
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