The arrow still in Wil's leg

This page is for the arrow in Battle Bears-1. For the Arrow in BBG, see Arrow (BBG).

The Arrow was first used as a projectile to harm Wil in Battle Bears -1 by a Huggable dressed up as a Red Indian, though he later takes it out and uses it as a weapon. Oliver uses the fact that the arrow hit Wil as an excuse to leave him in the belief that he was going to die. Wil uses it multiple times to open the vent ducts he travels through, but it isn't very powerful against huggables. Wil describes it as a "really rigid, sharp band-aid."
Wil, in pain

Wil, as he attempts to pull out the arrow


  • This is a reference to Skyrim's "arrow to the knee" joke, since it hits Wil in the knee.
  • It is the inspiration for the Arrow (BBG).