Astoria is a character in the game Battle Bears Overclock.
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"No nonsense,special ops..Always a step ahead of the enemy because she thinks things through.Methodical,calculating and seemingly cold at first glance.She wants to be part of the gang but the others have a hard time including her because she's wicked smart and totally put together;it makes some of the others(Oliver and Tillman mostly) feel incompetent"

~ Official Battle Bears Overclock Description


Health Regen Speed
230 4 590


Players can find skins and Armor for Astoria inside Mystery Boxes. The skins and their corresponding Armor are listed below:

  • Game of Death
  • Army Sniper
  • Cat Burglar
  • Treasure Hunter
  • Gold
  • Captain Astoria
  • (please add more if you have others)



Like all of the characters in Battle Bears Overclock, Astoria has three unique abilities that she can use multiple times to aid her in battle. These abilities include:

  • Healing Grenade (Default)

The Healing Grenade is a grenade with a "+" sign on it, representing health. When activated, Astoria throws the grenade and on impact, multi-colored "+" signs burst out from its impact location. The grenade heals players in the radius of the grenade, healing anyone in range.When used on yourself,the healing grenade slows your movement speed 35% for 1.8 seconds.The Healing Grenade heals ___ HP if it hits exactly where the target is, and less based on proximity. This special takes 19 seconds to reload.

"Throws a healing grenade that heals for 75 health points.Slows you down by 35% for 1.8 seconds."
-Official Battle Bears Overclock Description
  • Ice Trap (Default)
Ice trap

Ice Trap concept art

"Lays down an ice trap that lasts 45 seconds.It deals 115 damage and slows the enemies by 70% for 2 seconds."
-Official Battle Bears Overclock Description
The Ice Trap is a trap that can placed by the player.If a enemy steps on the trap,then 115 damage will be dealt and the enemy movement slowed by 70% for 2 seconds.

Charge shot

Charge Shot concept art

  • Charge Shot (Default)
When the Charge Shot ability is activated, a glowing circle appears at the end of the weapon that the player is holding (purely for aesthetics). The next one bullet or shot does twice as much damage than usual. This ability takes 45 seconds to reload.
"Charges up your next primary attack and the shot deals 200% damage."
-Official Battle Bears Overclock Description