All of the augment icons

Augments are bonuses that when equipped affect the stats of the player's character or weapon(s) in battle. The player can equip up to four character Augments and four weapon Augments. The player can buy multiple pages, but the effects of each page will not stack up, and the player can only choose one page to battle.

Character Augments

These Augments will affect how the player performs in battle, by giving them more health, more speed, reduction time for a special, kill token bonus, reduction time to respawn, and so forth. These Augments are blue. There are currently only two purchasable Character Augments, However, there are an unknown number of Character Augments that can only be obtained by unlocking Mystery Boxes.

Weapon Augments

These Augments will affect the specific weapon of what the player is using in battle, whether of giving them more ammo, more damage, faster fire rate, reduction in reload, better accuracy, more critical damage and percentage. These Augments are yellow.

All Ammo, Critical and Reload augments cost 1000 Gold, while all Damage and Rate of Fire augments cost 3000 Gold.

Assault Rifle SMG Pistol Sniper Rifle Shotgun Heavy Rocket Launcher
Ammo +5% +5% +7.5% +12.5% +7.5% +5% +12.5%
Critical +10% +10% +10% +10% +10% +10% +10%
Damage +2.5% +2.5% +2.5% +2.5% +2.5% +2.5% +2.5%
Rate of Fire +3% +3% +3% +3% +3% +3% +3%
Reload -5% -5% -5% -5% -5% -5% -5%

Remember that Augments do Stack, the max number of stacks you can have is four and the statistics in the graph above are only for one Augment without stacking. Also all Augments calculate a percentage of what you currently have, they are not flat amounts.

For Example: Having four Critical Strike Augments for Sniper Rifles will not give you a flat 40% critical chance increase, it will give you 40% of what you currently have. Lets say the sniper rifle you are using has a default of 10% critical chance. Then you will have 14% critical chance because 40% of ten is only four. Therefore you will have a total of 14% Critical chance, Not 50%.

This applies to all weapon augments. (Ammo, Critical, Damage, Rate of Fire, Reload)

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