B-1000 with the B-1000 skin equipped.

B-1000 is the default skin for the Assault class in Battle Bears Gold. It features the Assault class in maroon coloured armour while on the red team and dark blue when on the blue team with a few shades of black.

Standard attire for the bringer of doom and destruction.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The B-1000 skin appears as B-1000's default skin, and thus represents it in the series. It takes the form of a menacing, destructive robot and is described as the "Standard attire for the bringer of doom and destruction". B-1000 is clad in thick metal armour, that is primarily grey-black with team coloured highlights. It has glowing blue eyes, and the H.I.P. symbol imprinted on its chest, suggesting subordination to the organisation.