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are arenas where all battles take place in Battle Bears Gold. Each has its own unique geographical features, structures and obstacles which players can navigate while trying to best opponents. Click on each link to learn more about each map.

Map features

Jump Pads

Jump Pad

A Jump Pad

Jump Pads allow players to jump and access areas otherwise unreachable in Battle Bears Gold, or reach certain destinations faster. Launch pads appear in most stages in BBG, apart from Skate or Die, Sky View and Toxic Terror. Walking over one will launch players either vertically or at an angle. Players can maneuver to a certain degree when launched by a Jump Pad, but can do so to a greater degree when launched vertically. The speed at which a certain Class is flung through the air is referred to as Acceleration.


Pick-Ups are special pickups that boost the player.


  • If the user moves while in the air after being launched by the Jump Pads, it affects the landing point. The outcome can be minor or very dramatic.
  • The Aztec Attack map has 12 jump pads, containing the most jump pads out of any map.
  • Skate or Die, Sky View, and Toxic Terror are the only maps that contain no Jump Pads.
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