This update has been released, but as

With the release of version 1.4.3 coming very soon, it's time to get started on a changelog for the new version.
BBR 1.4

BBR 1.4.3 beta

While 1.4.2 only had one main feature in the release of Shortest Parsec, this new 1.4.3 update will be featuring a lot more new stuff.

Now, let's take a look at what 1.4.3 contains so far...

A look inside... The Marecraft Carrier!


We have yet another brand new map coming up already. Its name is Marecraft. The Marecraft map is a resuscitation of the Marecraft Carrier from Battle Bears: Zombies - the original Battle Bears game. In Zombies, the player has to shoot down the mighty Marecraft Carrier, which works as a boss in the game. While shooting the carrier, the player also have to shoot flying mares flying towards you to avoid taking damage.

The new stage in Royale takes place inside the Marecraft carrier. This section will be updated as soon as new information about the stage surfaces.

Here there's a short video about Marecraft Arena: [1]

New weapons and glowing stuff

List of new weapons

They don't call it a weapon update for nothing. 4 of the 7 currently available classes will receive new weapons. Once we're allowed to, we'll be posting pictures of them. Here's the full list of new weapons to come:

Class: Weapon: Type:
Huggable Static Shuffle Primary
Sniper Dead Eye Primary
Sniper Fairy's Dust Secondary
Chub Scout Senor Potato Primary
Chub Scout Sole's Bane Secondary
Engineer Rivet Gun Primary
Engineer Gernobyl Secondary

New visual effects

Some of the curernt weapons will also receive new sparkling visual effects. These are the following:

Class: Weapon: Description
Soldier O.C.O. Gauntlet Blue electric lightning effects around the entire glove.
Soldier Kumakiri Shining effect at the top edge of the Kumakiri.
Heavy Plasma Orb A pulsing, glowing sphere surronding the Plasma orb, alternating between a blue and purple hue.
Demo Light Matter Blue pulsing light emitting from the spinning barrel run. 


Dark Matter Purple pulsing light emitting from the spinning barrel run.

As soon as we're allowed to, we'll be posting pictures and videos of these new effects. The article images may be upgraded to animated gifs instead of simple still images.

Weapon Balancing

Section reserved for inevitable weapon balancing data...

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a glitch that allowed the use of Equipment +4 setups.


Section reserved for reference list...