Bandits, also known as Bandit Huggables, are a type of Huggable that appear in Battle Bears Overclock.


The Bandit, is a huge blue Huggable that digs from underground, and will roam around the map. The Bandits will either walk or run, depending if players shoots them or not. They will stand still if not disturbed, but will walk from time to time. If the player does shoot a Bandit, the Bandit will run from then on until killed, even if players have stopped shooting at the Bandit.

What makes these Bandits very different from regular Huggables, is that they will not harm the player. They will not attack the player in any way.

What makes these Huggables Bandits, is that they wield a pick axe, a miner hat, and a sackbag that contains Kill Tokens. If the player does shoot a Bandit, a Kill Token will drop. If the player keeps shooting the Bandit, the Bandit will eventually dig back into the ground, and drop 3 more Kill Tokens.


  • Although harmless, people have sometime died from a Bandit.
  • Players can actually kill the Bandit as soon as it digs upward, making it drop all the Kill Tokens that would normally drop from hitting it.
  • If Bandits walk over a Kill Token, they will grab it, and a player will have to shoot it to drop it again.
    • The Bandit may walk or run if they see a Kill Token they can reach. (Please confirm)
  • If a player is above the Bandit when it digs up to the surface, the player will be launched up into the air, fairly higher than a normal jump (please confirm)
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