The Battle Bears Comics are comics written by SkyVu Entertainment and published by Devils Due Digital Inc. The comics are intended to fill in the gaps of the Battle Bears storyline between Battle Bears -1, Battle Bears: Zombies and Battle Bears Zero from the perspective of Oliver and Riggs. There are physical and mobile versions of the comics, which both can no longer be publicly accessed. The physical version was exclusive to people who visited the Battle Bears booth during San Diego Comic-Con 2011, and includes part two to "No Re-Entry". The mobile version costed $0.99, and was previously available on the App Store. There are currently only two issues that relate to the storyline, being chapters 1 and 2 for "No Re-Entry." Chapter 1 is rather significant, giving the first ever reference of Astoria, and also Roboticus, a Battle Bears -1 boss concept that was very close to its release stages but ultimately never saw it into the game. Chapter 2 is shorter than chapter 1, being only 16 pages instead of 19. It starts off right after chapter 1's story, as the Battle Bears fight their way through hoards of Robits and Huggables. The app stopped receiving support a long time ago, and is now believed to be at a "dead-end". There are currently four comics in this series:

  • Chrismakwanzuhkah (special Christmas issue)
  • Chapter 1: No Re-Entry (available from mobile version and Battle Bears Backpack)
  • Manic Carpet Ride
  • Chapter 2: No Re-Entry (exclusive to the physical version)

There is also a sneak peek that shows off art for Chapter 2 of "No Re-Entry" in the mobile version. Some concept art is shown at the end of the physical version, including art from Battle Bears Backpack, as well as a bear piloting a ship.



Chapter 1: No Re-Entry

Manic Carpet Ride


Chapter 2: No Re-Entry