Bearscream Sandwich

Bearscream Sandwich

The Bearscream Sandwich is a pickup found in Battle Bears Gold. It is usually found at the center of maps and triples the damage of all the player's weapons for 20 seconds when picked up. This pickup respawns every 90 seconds.

There is always at least one Bearscream Sandwich in every map, and the locations of them are listed below:

  • Space Oddity: On top of the pillar surrounded by 4 jump pads.
  • Aztec Attack: In the center of the map, on the rocks in the lava pool.
  • Abusement Park: In a tent on a tiny podium near the Blue Team's base.
  • Shortest Parsec: Guarded by a laser in between the two team's spawn points, and another in the room near the spawn point.
    A life upside down

    A Solider with the Bearscream Sandwich.

  • Sky View: On a wooden plank near the middle of the map, slightly closer to the Blue team's base.
  • Skate or Die: One slightly hidden next to a skating ramp, and another one in the corner on top of the half pipe.
  • Gold Digger: In the center of the map, on top of the bridge.


  • Bearscream Sandwiches are mostly found somewhere near the center of the map, possibly to induce a rush by all players towards the Sandwich, which would usually result in the deaths of those who failed. In the cases of Skate Or Die and Haunted Castle, they are placed at opposite ends of the map with a huge open space in between, possibly to induce even more intense conflict.
  • Its name is a pun on "Ice Cream Sandwich".