For more information about Bearzooka in Battle Bears Gold, see Bearzooka (BBG).

The Bearzooka is an explosive weapon and is the most commonly occurring weapon in the Battle Bears universe, found in the main Battle Bears games including Battle Bears: Zombies, Battle Bears -1, Battle Bears Gold and Battle Bears Zero, the most of any weapon.

In BBG and BB0, it is a rocket launcher with red and orange lines. In BBZ and BB-1 it is just a dark green rocket launcher.

In Battle Bears Zero

In Battle Bears Zero the Bearzooka is a default weapon.


Price: Improvements:
Ownership Default Weapon acquired
Level 1 ? ?
Level 2 100 Gas
  • Damage
  • Reload Speed
  • AOE Damage
Level 3 250 Gas
  • Damage
  • Reload speed
  • AOE
  • AOE damage
Level 4

500 Gas

  • Damage
  • Reload speed
  • AOE Damage

In Battle Bears -1

In Battle Bears -1, the Bearzooka is rapid-firing and deals medium damage in a small area of effect. By collecting three Bearzooka pickups, the player will activate the Hyper Bearzooka (one of the Hyper Weapons). This will modify the Bearzooka to shoot slow moving rockets at a slow rate, but multiplies the damage by five and increases the AoE considerably. However, players cannot replenish their ammo in hyper mode and must fully drain the weapon of its ammo before further pickups can be retrieved.

Damage: 8

Hyper damage: 30

If the Satelite is picked up while the player has the Bearzooka, it will shoot normal shots.

In Battle Bears: Zombies!


Bearzooka in BBZ

In BBZ, the Bearzooka is extremely powerful and when fired, can take out all the Huggables on the hills.

In Battle Bears: GO

In Battle Bears: GO, the player shoots little rockets that do medium damage with a very fast fire rate. It drains out a bar and when it completely drains down the player switches back to the Assault Rifle. It isn't very powerful.