Bind Gun
Bind Gun
Sanchez with the Bind Gun





Level Required








Rate of Fire





4 seconds

Duration of Slow

1 second


Weapon Statistics

The Bind Gun is the default Primary Weapon for the Arbiter Class in Battle Bears Gold.

One weapon to slow them all!

~Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Bind Gun is an automatic weapon that shoots a purple beam. It is not completely accurate as the beam tends to move in an oval-like wave. When an enemy is hit by the beam, they will be slowed down for a brief amount of time by 90 u/s.The longer the target is under the effect, the slower they will become, up to the point of becoming immobile. It deals a small amount of consistent damage per shot and has a relatively fast reload.

Faster-moving classes take a longer time to be rendered immobile, since they have greater speed. Speed +1 and Speed +2 change how long the enemy will take to be immobilized. Very low Speed characters, or using weapons that have a negative speed decrease, making their character slower should keep caution when dealing with the Bind Gun, as it would make character unmovable in seconds.

Due to the beam's slowing ability, this weapon is brutally effective against enemies who are carrying the bomb in Plant the Bomb as well as keeping opponents under the invincibility effect of the Shield at bay. In direct combat, it can be effective for leaving the opponent vulnerable to one or two quick slashes of the Arbiter's strong melee strikes to finish them off. It is best used against single, preferably slow-moving targets due to its compound slowing effect and low damage.


The following Equipment affects the Bind Gun:

Equipment Effect
Ammo +1 + 5 bullets
Ammo +2 + 10 bullets


  • There is currently a glitch which causes teammates hit by the Bind Gun to display a "Slowed" status effect above their head. This does not affect the teammate's movement, but can reveal them if they are trying to hide.
  • If the target has a Shield, the slowing effect will be applied, but damage is not inflicted.
  • Its description is a reference on the first line of the inscriptions on the one ring from The Lord of the Rings series. The line is: One ring to rule them all.
  • There is currently a glitch that moving backwards while shooting can hurt yourself and even kill you resulting in suicide because of how the inaccuracy of the gun can hit your hitbox,