The Black Hole Shot is an Arcade mode weapon in Battle Bears Zero. It does not have a reload, there being only a slight delay between shots as Wil has to throw again. An infinite number of projectiles can be shot. These projectiles arc slightly and explode on contact with any surface, creating a long lasting black hole with a large AOE (Area of Effect) that deals high damage. The Black Hole Shot can kill any and all Huggables in one shot, the only weapon in Battle Bears Zero capable of doing so.


Upgrade: Price: Improvements:
Purchase 50,000 Joules Weapon acquired
Level 1 500,000 Joules
  • Damage
Level 2 300 Gas
  • Damage
  • Area of Effect
  • AOE Duration
Level 3 600 Gas
  • Damage
  • Area of affect
  • AOE Damage
Level 4 ? ?


  • Black Hole Shot

    Black Hole Shot Concepts

    The original name of the Black Hole Shot was "Black Hole Shot Put", the last word being dropped.
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