Weapon Concept

The Blaster Cannon (name confirmation required) is a Campaign weapon in Battle Bears Zero. It can be used to rapidly fire small orbs by pressing the fire button repeatedly. If the fire button is held, it can charge up a more powerful, slow-moving orb that can also go through multiple targets and bypass obstacles. The cannon is powered by ABBi.


  • The weapon is made with a kitchen glove, a blender, salt containers, a cord, and other kitchen related items.
  • The weapon was made by ABBi in level 4 of BB0 when Huggables and robots began to surround Wil in a kitchen.
  • This weapon quickly depletes ABBi's energy, as upon finishing the level, ABBi seems tired and weak.
  • This weapon works in the same manner as the Engineer's primary weapon in Battle Bears Gold, the Power Glove, which also use both rapid uncharged shots and a single powerful, charged shot.
  • It has a Battle Bears Gold counterpart that is called the Buster Cannon