For information on the Boomstick in Battle Bears Gold, see Boomstick.

The Story

While crawling through the air vents in Battle Bears -1, Wil murmurs to himself how dark and cramped the vent is. Finally
Boomstick McShootinton

Boomstick McShootington

reaching the end, he smashes down the gate, falling from a few feet and landing in a dark room. He stands up, strikes a lighter, and proceeds to walk around.

Wil's Discovery of Boomstick McShootington

"Looks like I have no choice," he says, "It's just me, my arrow, and-"

Suddenly, a glass case comes into light. It holds a shotgun.

"OH, HEY, A SHOTGUN!" Wil loudly exclaims.

He picks it up affectionately.

"You'll be my new best friend," he says, "I'll call you BOOMSTICK MCSHOOTINGTON!"

Spas 12

The Franchi Spas 12


  • It has unlimited ammunition.
  • It spreads nicely, damaging many Huggables at once.


  • It only has a one-shot capacity and takes about half a second to reload. This may not sound like a lot, but when you're swarmed by Huggables, it can get you killed.


  • Boomstick McShootington is most likely a model of the Franchi Spas 12. The shotgun is French, with both Pump and Semi-auto Firing modes. Wil seems to use only the pump mode.
  • In Battle Bears -1, the animations for Wil firing the Boomstick and the shot actually leaving the gun are slightly out of sync, so if it is fired continously you may get to the point where Wil shoots and nothing happens, but the shells appear and spread a second later.
  • It is unknown why this was stored in a glass case.
  • It is one of the two shotguns used in Battle Bears, with the exception of Battle Bears Gold.The other one is the Infinite Ammo Shotgun, which is used by Oliver in Battle Bears: Zombies.