Bouncing Betty
Bouncing Betty
Tillman with the Bouncing Betty




Primary - Explosives

Level Required



300,000 Joules



Area of Effect

Max Dmg 125.0, Min Dmg 250.0

Rate of Fire

1 second




4 seconds

Projectile Speed

1,000 u/s


Weapon Statistics


Concept Art for the Bouncing Betty

The Bouncing Betty is a primary weapon for the Demo in Battle Bears Gold, released in version 2.2.

The master of explosions has a lovely friend named Betty. Tillman and her go way back, bouncing around exploding everywhere. Oh, to be young and explosively in love!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Bouncing Betty, like all other Demo weapons, is an explosive. When used, it lobs a large, black bomb with a lit fuse. When this bomb comes into contact with any surface (excluding players themselves), it will explode, before bouncing off the surface and exploding again each time it hits something. It will bounce three times before detonating on the third bounce. The bounces are determined by the angle of incidence of the hit, upon which the projectile will bounce back with an identical angle of reflection. It has a rather large AoE and deals from 30-50 damage, but it cannot directly hit players. It is most dangerous in small, enclosed areas where its bouncing capabilities are more effective and enemies cannot escape as easily, though the user must also be extremely cautious of suicide. After the change in 2.31, the cool down was decreased from 1.5 to 1 second, and the ammo was increased to 3. This means that there is more opportunity to utilize the bouncing mechanic. When all of its ammunition has been used up, the Bouncing Betty will undergo a moderate 4 second reload.

As with all explosive weapons, the Bouncing Betty poses a risk of self-harm or suicide to its user, which is made even more likely with its ricocheting projectiles. Because the Demo hadn't received any new weapons since v1.3.1, upon the Bouncing Betty's release in v2.2, it was believed that it was purposefully made more damaging and versatile to make up for the class' losses.


The following Equipment affects the Bouncing Betty:

Equipment: Effect:
Ammo +1 + 1 bullets
Ammo +2 + 2 bullets
Explosions +1 + 4 damage
Explosions +2 + 8 damage


  • The Bouncing Betty is a reference to the German S-Mines, a German anti-personnel shrapnel mine used extensively throughout World War II which carries the nickname "Bouncing Betty". However, the weapon's in-game function is more similar to the lesser-known Dam Buster bombs of the same nickname used by the Allied Forces that skid across the water using torque, attached itself to a dam wall and blew up the targeted dam.
  • This is the only explosive weapon or projectile that can penetrate the Shortest Parsec's laser beam, due to its bouncing function.
  • The Bouncing Betty actually has a crosshair, but it doesn't seem to be much use since the bombs go in an arch.


Video demonstration

Battle Bears Demo Gameplay Bouncing Betty

Battle Bears Demo Gameplay Bouncing Betty

Bouncing Betty