Botch with the Brown Botch skin equipped.

The Brown Botch skin is a skin for the Assassin in Battle Bears Gold. It costs 25,000 Joules

Botch tried to look like a normal bear once. He found it awful, but doesn't he look cute?

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


Being an alternate to Botch's default skin, the Brown Botch skin represents his character in the series, with obvious changes to fur color. It has dark brown fur throughout and has large, glowing neon green eyes. Botch has an abnormally large head and two round teddy bear-like ears. One of these has a small chunk missing. The Brown Botch skin has a small black, button-like nose and a light brown muzzle. Botch has small silver and red arm guards just above the wrists. He has a tiny silver backpack with circular red markings.

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