Astoria with the Brr-Ram-Ewe

The Brr-Ram-Ewe is a melee weapon for the Sniper in Battle Bears Gold. It deals 40 damage and has a 20% special speed stat modifier and a 10% increase in the player's health.

It costs 105,000 Joules and has a level 13 lock.


Freshly shipped and still cold remains from an authentic once-living ram!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


  • It originally cost 90,000 Joules.

It is one of five weapons in BBG that has punctuation in its name, the other four being the Double Rainbow!, S'no Matter ,Super Size Me! and Mamba's Boy.

  • Prior to v2.6, the Brr-Ram-Ewe had no stat modifier.
  • Although it can be inferred that it increases the time the Special is able to be used again, it actually lowers the amount of time it needs to recharge.
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