Buzz Kill
Riggs with the Buzz Kill




Secondary - Explosives

Level Required



25,000 Joules



Area of Effect

Max Dmg 125.0, Min Dmg 250.0

Rate of Fire

1.5 seconds




4 seconds


Weapon Statistics

The Buzz Kill is a secondary weapon for the Heavy class in Battle Bears Gold,  and was one of the original three secondaries. It shoots a large bee-like explosive, which explodes two seconds after it lands on a solid surface or detonates immediately upon impact with an enemy player.

Fires a queen bee which explodes a second or two after impact.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Buzz Kill serves as the Heavy's only explosive weapon, and is utilised with an explosive delay mechanism, similar to the TNT Launcher or Chainsaw Shotgun. When fired, it releases a straight on projectile bee that sticks to any surface or explodes on contact with another player. If it sticks to a surface, it will explode exactly 2 seconds after it landed, damaging any enemy player in its AoE. Because of its trigger delay, it is best utilised by predicting where an enemy will move or take shelter.

The Buzz Kill's main weakness is the difficulty in using the explosion delay effectively. If a player fires too early, they have wasted a shot. Fire too late, and they've wasted a shot. As a result, many players use the Buzz Kill in an effort to "herd" their enemies to where they can easily pick them off with their primary. Direct hits, of course, are also encouraged.


The following Equipment affects the Buzz Kill:

Equipment: Effect:
Ammo +1 + 1 bullet
Ammo +2 + 2 bullets
Explosions +1 + 7.5 damage
Explosions +2 + 15 damage


  • Additional Stats:
    • Projectile speed value: 800
    • Explosion delay: 2 seconds
    • Flyoff delay: 2 seconds
  • Previous Stats:
    • Max explosives: 50
    • Rate of fire: 1.7 seconds
  • This is the only projectile in Battle Bears Gold that flies with an upward arc instead of a downward one.
  • It works similarly to the TNT Launcher and Chainsaw Shotgun
  • This is the Heavy's only weapon that causes an actual explosion.While Freeze Blast(the only other Heavy explosive secondary) may utilise explosive properties, none of them create an explosion as such.
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