Malcum from battle bears

Malcolm piloting the Ursa Major

Malcolm is the pilot of the Ursa Major and leader of the Battle Bears, as seen in Battle Bears -1. His fate is unknown, although he is presumed alive.

Battle Bears -1

Malcolm was first seen escorting Oliver and Wil after ABBi, the Ursa Major central AI warned him about the invasion. He then left, leaving the young bears under Jackson's and Grimes' protection.

Malcolm then returned to the ship bridge, controlled the ship and tried to sweep Huggables off the window via windshield wiper. 


Malcolm has made an appearance in Battle Bears -1 in Oliver's and Riggs' campaign. Oliver mentions him in the Battle Bears Comic and Battle Bears BLAST. He is mentioned by Wil in Battle Bears -1 and Battle Bears Zero.


  • According to the plot of the Battle Bears Movie (scrapped), Malcolm was the one who found Oliver when he was a small, orphaned bear, and helped him out.
  • In a line-up concept art, it is revealed Malcolm stands 5 feet tall.
  • Malcolm's design is based on the Grizzly Bear.
  • Malcolm supposedly likes cakes, as indicated in Battle Bears -1 from a picture of a cake shown on his computer.