Chaos Toss
Assassin with the Chaos Toss




Primary - Poison

Level Required



100,000 Joules


8 per second over 10 seconds

Rate of Fire

0.75 seconds




4 seconds

Stat Modifier

5% Speed Modifier

Projectile Speed

1,250 u/s


Weapon Statistics

The Chaos Toss is a primary weapon for the Assassin. It is a skeletal hand that shoots a gleaming blob with a slight arc. On impact, it creates a poisonous cloud similar to that of the Mother of Nature, but the cloud is green instead of purple. It has a similar effect, but deals more damage per second and has a faster rate of fire. However, it has a shorter duration, (About half the duration) a smaller AoE and is not able to be enhanced by Damage+ equipment.

One would say creating a hand that throws poison clouds is a waste of a really cool superpower, but those people are no longer with us.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Chaos Toss appears as a large skeletal hand that levitates away from Botch's main body. When activated, it lobs a gleaming orb that explodes into a toxic green cloud when it comes into contact with any player or surface. No damage is dealt on direct impact, though the cloud afflicts a poison status effect on any enemy player that moves into its AoE (Area of Effect). Anyone affected by the poison will gradually lose health over time, killing weakened enemies or making them more susceptible to further attack. To aid in this aspect, the poison damage stacks, so if a player manages to poison the same player with both projectiles, they will be dealt more poison over the duration. It is advised that users stay at a mid-range when attacking with the Chaos Toss, as they are susceptible to their own poison and risk self-harm and suicide.