Charged Run
Huggable in the Charged Run stance




Secondary - Ability

Level Required



160 Gas






6 seconds


10 seconds

Charge Time

3 seconds

Running Speed

600 u/s


Weapon Statistics

The Charged Run ability is a secondary for the Huggable in Battle Bears Gold. It costs 160 Gas and has no level lock.

And I ran, I ran so far away, I ran all night and day… had to destroy all the Battle Bears?

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


When activated, it sends the Huggable running forward on the ground at 600 units per second, the fastest possible movement speed of any class. All opponents caught in the way are dealt 65 damage. Each Charged Run use can only damage each opponent one time-running through the same opponent twice does not hit them twice, instead; the second time the Charged Run user runs through the same opponent, no further damage is dealt. The user may also charge up the ability, but the outcome will not change. The full charge time is approximately three seconds, and during this time the Huggable is rendered immobile until the player stops charging the ability, upon which they will commence a normal run. A full charge will be indicated by sparkling particles coming out of the Huggable's body and a sound similar to a fully charged Crossbow will play. The run itself lasts 6 seconds, in which the player should be able to quickly and efficiently navigate any stage to attack opposing players or grab Pick-Ups. The player may prematurely deactivated the Charged Run by using their melee weapon, though they will have to endure more of the reload, as most of it is used up when the player is running. 


The following Equipment affects the Charged Run:

Equipment Effect
Damage +1 + 3 damage
Damage +2 + 6 damage


  • Currently, this is the Huggable's only secondary to dish out direct damage.
  • The description contain lyrics from the music video I Ran (So Far Away) made in 1982 by A Flock of Seagulls.
  • The Charged Run is also the Huggable's most expensive weapon, as well as the most expensive weapon in Battle Bears Gold.
  • It is quite similar in function to So Fly, a Huggable primary.
  • Its stance in the Gear Up menu is identical to that which the Huggable takes on when equipped with Phantom Hug.

Video demonstration

Charged Run Demonstration

Charged Run Demonstration

Charged Run