The Cloak Field is a secondary weapon for the Arbiter class in Battle Bears Gold. It costs 80 Gas and has no level lock. 

Sanchez is really good at hide and seek. Any player who enters the field gains cloaking!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Cloak Field is a utility weapon and doesn't deal any direct damage. Upon activation, the Arbiter will produce a hazy, light purple orb, which appears from a command gauntlet on his arm. This procedure will not work if used in mid-air, however, and players must be grounded. The field created is a dome similar in size to the Pain Field or Speed Field and has a somewhat translucent light purple haze to it. Any player, even an opponent, that steps into the field and stays there for one or two seconds will be given automatic cloaking for the duration of the field. If a player attacks, they will reveal themselves until they stop attacking. Because of this, players can stay hidden in the field to ambush an enemy or take cover so players are advised to be on the alert for any potential ambushes while near a Cloak Field or take the chance to Cloak themselves.


This is the first weapon to make you 100% invisible while moving as long as you remain in the field.