65,000 Joules


Makes player transparent, moving affects transparency.


8.0 seconds


20.0 seconds

Minimum Visibility


Maximum Visibility



1.0 seconds

Cloaking is a Special in Battle Bears Gold that makes the user transparent for a short period of time. However, moving will render the cloak less effective, and taking damage will reveal the user for a split second. Status Effects will also reveal the position of a cloaked player. The Sixth Sense Goggles can also be used to see the position of a cloaked player. To gain more cloaking transparency, you will need smaller characters, such as the Assassin, Sniper, or Soldier. Bigger characters more likely reveal themselves than smaller characters.

After Update 1.4.2, Cloaking became less desirable due to the rather noticeable aura that is emitted when it is activated, which sports the user's team color and alerts opposing team members. However, SkyVu realized this and in Update 1.4.3 Cloaking was improved to give the user complete transparency when standing still and very little visibility when moving. Cloaking makes the player disappear from the Radar while the ability is active, but does not affect Sixth Sense Goggles or Status Effects.

After Update 2.14, Cloaking was changed once again to be less effective, with visibility increased when both moving and standing still.

It costs 65,000 Joules.

Become invisible! Activation will make you transparent to all players! Great for avoiding sniper locks! Note: Moving will affect your transparency!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description

Cloaking Mechanism

When the Cloak is activated, the player will become partially transparent. When moving, the player will be 75% transparent, and when standing still, the transparency will be 95%. If damage is taken, the player will be completely revealed for 0.5 seconds, then revert to partial transparency.

If the player uses a Weapon/Melee while cloaked, or after 8 seconds, the effect ends.


  • This Special, when in effect, prevents all sorts of lock-on weapons from locking onto the player.
  • There is a glitch that may happen after being killed while being cloaked.  What will happen is that when you respawn after being cloaked, the player will look like the cloaking when walking, but the current weapon they are holding will not be cloaked.
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