Huggable with the Cocoa Loco skin equipped.

The Cocoa Loco skin is a skin for the Huggable in Battle Bears Gold. During the match, the Cocoa Loco skin includes a team-coloured banner in the form of a half-eaten chocolate bar. It costs 15 Gas and has no level lock. 

Become the most vicious and unstoppable sugar high the world has ever known. A murder machine fueled by itself, there has never been anything more terrifying.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Cocoa Loco is a skin primarily based off of chocolate, hence the "cocoa" in its name. The predominate colour of the skin depends on which team the player is on. If they're on the red team, it will appear as though the Cocoa Loco is made up of white chocolate, and if they're on the blue team, if will appear as dark chocolate. It is adorned with a large red (or blue) ribbon that is tied around its neck. There are chocolate spirals on its stomach, hands and legs, which adds to the the candy-inspired theme. It has a pink, candy-adorned radio strapped to the back of its head with pink tape.


  • The skin resembles dark chocolate when the player is on the Blue Team and white chocolate when the player is on the Red Team.
  • It is one of three skins for Huggable which does not sport fur, the other being the Gummable and the Gold Huggable.
  • "Loco" is spanish for "crazy", while "cocoa" is the bean that forms the basis of chocolate. These together further support the skin's description. 
  • Originally, the Cocoa Loco skin cost 100,000 Joules.