Scared Oliver

Oliver's facial reaction when he sees the Colbear

Colbear NoWires

The Colbear is a boss in Battle Bears: Zombies. The name, Colbear, is presumably short for Colossal Bear or Colossus Bear.


The Colbear is a giant bear with dark brown stringy fur, yellow eyes, and a huge roar. Huggables also seem to hitch rides on it's feet (or got stuck there due to the Colbear's size). It has many claws on it's hands and feet, so many on it's hands, in fact, that they look like nubs with with a bunch of spikes. It has what appears to be possibly two rows of razor sharp teeth in ithe mouth, which stick out towards the side a little due to this. It's also extremely resilient, falling only to the laser Oliver wields. It simply tries to flatten Oliver throughout the fight, but falls after taking a substantial amount of damage, falling to the ground and releasing a strange form of energy and further corrupting the once beautiful landscape.


You have to hold two fingers to beat him. One to aim and one to start the laser. You have to hold it to continuosly fire the laser.

When he is in the first stage, you have to aim for his legs to prevent him from stomping you.

During the second stage, when he picks you up, you have to aim for his weak parts, which are his eyes and mouth. When he's about to smack you, it's not necessary to aim for his hand, because aiming for his face will make him flinch and stop the attack.


  • He's one of 3 bosses who don't follow the "Cute but Deadly" concept, the other 2 being the Zombocalypse and Spaceboss.
  • He may be the largest Boss in the series, although Spaceboss could be larger.
    • Strangely enough, you never see the entire Colbear at once (except when they show the concept art). In the first portion of the battle, you only see his legs. Then he picks you up, and you only see his torso and head (you don't even see his entire arms).
  • His name appears to be a refrence to Colbert.
  • He's the only boss that has 2 phases, as well as 2 death cutscenes. When you die during the first phase, you get the Pancaked! death cutscene, during the second cutscene you get the Masticated! cutscene.
  • He is the only boss who Oliver shows a certain lack of comfort towards. For all the others he is either annoyed, or just angry. He probably would be scared of the Zombocalypse Wizard, but he has the Infinite Ammo Shotgun, so he's just fine.
  • The death of Colbear somewhat has a reference to God of War III. When he dies, the landscape looks more corrupted.
    • He could also be a reference to the Colossi of Shadow of the Colossus, as when the Colbear dies he releases dark tendrils, just like when a Colossi is killed.