Cosmic Bomb
Botch with the Cosmic Bomb





Level Required



120,000 Joules



Area of Effect

Max Dmg 300.0, Min Dmg 800.0




8.0 seconds

Stat Modifier



Weapon Statistics


Concept Art for Cosmic Bomb

Cosmic Bomb is a secondary weapon for the Assassin in Battle Bears Gold. It was released in v2.3.

It may be a bit clumsy and nonchalant, but sometimes Botch can't be bothered by all the excess energy he has stored in his body. So he'll throw it to the sky and it'll come down later in a giant explosion.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Cosmic Bomb is one of the Assassin's explosive weapons, and acts in a similar manner to the Demolition's nukes. Upon usage, the Assassin accumulates energy for the orb in his hands for three seconds and then lobs a very large orb of energy upwards into the air. This orb charges further while in the sky, and descends again straight downwards after several seconds. While ascending, the orb will bypass all obstacles, including roofs, ceilings, and structures, but while descending, the orb will strike the first thing it comes into contact with, creating a green, spherical explosion. This function makes it useful for striking higher levels of the map. Upon impact, it will vaporize into thin air and deal high damage to enemies situated around its large explosion radius, and even the user himself if they are too close. It should also be noted that the Cosmic Bomb has significant downward penetration power, unlike other nukes.

The length of time a Cosmic Bomb would take to ascend and the descend to its initial launch point is 10 seconds.

While similar to the Demo's missiles, the Cosmic Bomb has notable advantages. Despite the fact that it can't travel across the map and deals less damage (this damage is still enough to kill most enemies), it has no kind of negative stat modifier and a larger AoE.


The following Equipment affects the Cosmic Bomb:

Equipment Effect
Explosions +1 + 5 damage
Explosions +2 + 10 damage


  • There have been instances of players detonating a Cosmic Bomb by launching a projectile at it, possibly because projectiles are also counted as solid objects.
  • This the only vertical weapon in Battle Bears Gold that does not belong to the Demo. However, it cannot lock onto players.
  • It is possible for the Cosmic Bomb to hit a map's skybox, meaning that the Bomb will not descend if it is launched too high into the air.
  • Cosmic Bomb currently has the largest AoE of any weapon in BBG, being 2.25 times as big as Demolition's nukes (Phat Man and Piece Maker).
  • The Cosmic Bomb is the only nuke that goes through objects without exploding.


Video Demonstration

Cosmic Bomb Demonstration-3

Cosmic Bomb Demonstration-3

Cosmic Bomb Demonstration