Botch with the Crass Knuckles

Crass Knuckles is the default melee weapon for the Assassin class in Battle Bears Gold. It deals 30 damage and does not have any Stat Modifiers.


Sometimes when it comes down to brass tax, you need to go with the basics. Creating a fist and just pummeling the enemy is about as basic as you can get. 

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description 


  • "Crass" is something that is lacking consideration or sensitivity, and is likely used in this weapon's name to imply its brutal and indifferent nature. The term is a pun on "brass knuckles", a type of simple metal gloving in the shape of a paw used to enhance the effect of the user's punch. The description is a reference to brass tax.
  • The Crass Knuckles is presumably the same hand as the Chaos Toss, the only difference being that the Crass Knuckles is covered in large spikes.