Unicorn Crossbow 2.0
Astoria with the Crossbow





Level Required



150,000 Joules


Charged: 230*

Shots per Second





3.5 seconds

Charge Time

2.0 seconds

Stat modifier

10% Special Speed Increase


Weapon Statistics


Concept Art for the Unicorn Crossbow

The Crossbow is a primary weapon for the Sniper class, being released in v2.2.

Leave it to Astoria to make a rapid fire weapon that shoots unicorn horns. Even worse is that she can charge up the weapon and release a stronger attack! What's next jackelope weapons?

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Crossbow is a chargeable weapon and fires shining unicorn horns at opponents. The Crossbow can be charged to provide more damage on impact as well as AOE damage upon a hit on either an opponent or an object. When building up a charge, the weapon can still be fired, but with slightly less damage depending on the size of the charge. If fired with no charge at all, or with a charge that isn't full, each shot will deal 45 damage.

Unlike all other Sniper primaries, it does not feature an auto lock feature and thus it cannot preform a headshot. To compensate for this, it zooms in more than normal when it is charged, allowing for easier aim in on an enemy. When fully charged, its internal barrel with also rotate at a rapid rate and shine a bright purple aura. A direct hit from a charged blast will deal 230 damage. It has a moderate reload of 3.5 seconds.

Using a charged shot will be considered using a full magazine of ammo, and will thus require a reload afterwards. If you have a partial magazine of ammo, it will regenerate after a few seconds.


The following Equipment affects the Crossbow:

Equipment Effect
Damage +1 + 5 damage
Damage +2 + 10 damage
Ammo +1 + 2 ammo
Ammo +2 + 3 ammo


  • It is called "2.0" due to Oliver having a weapon called the "Unicorn Crossbow" in Battle Bears: Zombies. The description also makes reference to the Jackalopes in Battle Bears: Zombies.
  • It was the first Sniper weapon that could directly cause the player to suicide.
  • It is one of three Sniper primary weapons that cannot lock on to players (the others being the Blow Dart and the Art of War), meaning it is unable perform a headshot.
  • This is the second weapon in Battle Bears Gold to feature charged and uncharged shots, the others being the Engineer's Power Glove, the Huggable's Static Shuffle and the Assault's Energy Overflow.
  • It used to contain 100 ammo.
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