Default look of the Daisy Cutter as shown on the Gear Up menu.

The Daisy Cutter is a Unique weapon for Tillman in Battle Bears Overclock.


The Daisy Cutter is a weapon that looks like a turbine. It fires heat-seeking projectiles shaped like propellers that explode on impact. The projectile, if fired while locked onto a target, will slowly follow that target in mid-flight regardless of any walls or obstacles in its way. These characteristics make it dodgeable by well-timed jumping or simply taking cover before it hits, although the target might still take damage from the large explosion.

Due to its slowly and relatively dodgeable nature, this weapon is best used as a support weapon instead of a long range weapon on its own. Doing so by firing at large groups, those in open spaces or distracted enemies will more often guarantee a hit.


Cost Damage Clip Size RoF Reload Accuracy Crit Chance Crit Damage
TBA 70 4 0.5 3.9 100% TBA TBA


  • The image on the side of the Daisy Cutter appears to be Astoria. It is based on a military tradition where air force pilots would make paintings on the front sides of their aircraft, also known as Nose Art.