Dark Matter
Demo with the Dark Matter




Primary - Explosives

Level Required



60,000 Joules



Area of Effect

Max Dmg 125.0, Min Dmg 250.0

Rate of Fire

1 second




5 seconds

Projectile speed

430 u/s


Weapon Statistics

The Dark Matter is a primary weapon for the Demo in Battle Bears Gold. It was the Demo's most powerful primary weapon until the Light Matter was added in v1.3.1. It fires purple orbs that travel in straight lines and explode on impact, dealing high damage in a large blast radius. When it detonates, a sphere of energy blocks the target's vision and deals damage, hence making them unable to see for a second or two, regardless of whether they are a teammate or on the enemy team, hence the terms "utterly disorienting" and "Be very careful with friendly fire". It costs 60,000 Joules and has a level 9 lock.

Amazing blast range, and utterly disorientating when consumed by one. Be very careful with friendly fire and consider using ammo equipment to up its 1 shot reserve!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


Like all Demo weapons, the Dark Matter serves as a form of explosive, dealing damage in the form of large, damaging orb of dark matter. When fired, it releases a single, slow moving purple orb that explodes on contact with any player or surface. This explosion is notably large, dark, and electrified, meaning it can damage a number of enemy players. Despite its relatively high damage output, the Dark Matter's slow projectile speed, and the risk of suicide can make it quite difficult to properly utilise.

In comparison to its counterpart, the Light Matter, the Dark Matter deals more damage, while maintaining a slower rate of fire, a slower projectile speed and the same reload. The Dark Matter is better suited to a more rounded play style, while the Light Matter is better for players who want to deal a high amount of damage. Dark Matter is very effective in taking out large groups of enemies due to its enormous AoE and high damage. However, you have a high risk of committing suicide with this weapon in tight spaces and close range 1 on 1's with the large AoE and high damage.


The following Equipment affects the Dark Matter:


Explosions+1 + 5 damage
Explosions +2 + 10 damage
Ammo +1 + 0 bullet
Ammo +2 + 1 bullets


  • Up until v1.4.3, the tip of the Dark Matter had never glowed.
  • It was the Demo's most damage-dealing primary weapon before the addition of the Light Matter and the Blast-O-Mole.
  • It used to cost 50,000 Joules, before being changed to 20,000 Joules, and finally 60,000 Joules.
  • The description references that the Dark Matter used to only have one shot.
  • Dark Matter has a slower fire rate but higher damage compared to its counterpart, Light Matter which has a fast fire rate but a lot less damage.
  • Previous Stats:
    • Explosives: 30-80
    • Max Damage Range: N/A
    • Min Damage Range: N/A
    • Projectile Speed: 450 u/s
    • Ammo: 4
    • Rate of Fire: 0.75 seconds


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