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Oliver with the Disciplinarian

The Disciplinarian is a melee weapon for the Soldier class, being released during the first week of v1.3.1. It deals 45 damage - making it the Soldier's strongest melee weapon and has a Stat Modifier of +10% Speed. 

This weapon costs 60 Gas and does not have a level lock.


Elbows on the table? That's a paddlin'. Skirt 6 inches above the knees? That's a paddlin'. Refusing a paddlin'? That's a paddlin'.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


  • The Disciplinarian is the only bat where its two front faces are not identical, with one side resembling a short ruler and the other a traditional school teacher. The name "Disciplinarian" is derived from the concepts of both faces, in the fact that teachers used rulers to hit students as a form of punishment, or more formerly referred to as disciplining.
  • When the v1.3.1 weapons went on a 50% sale, the Disciplinarian's price was never reverted back to 75,000 Joules and remained 37,500 Joules (previous price).
  • Like all v1.3.1 weapons and skins, the Disciplinarian was offered to those who took part in the Forum Appreciation promotion, free of charge and before the official release date/week.
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