Doom Cloud
Botch with the Doom Cloud





Level Required





35 DPS


6 seconds




5.5 seconds

Stat Modifier



Weapon Statistics

The Doom Cloud is the default primary for the Assassin in Battle Bears Gold. Upon activation, the Assassin launches a green starfish-like cloud into the air. It spins around and releases a rain of neon green bullets, inflicting mass damage. 

This cute little thing is hiding a deadly secret. Once it's out a myriad of lasers create a cloud of doom around itself, but it sure is adorable, huh? 

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


When equipped, the Doom Cloud follows the player around as a floating mass of green substance. When activated, it rotates then raises itself into the air under the Assassin's direction and releases a rapid barrage of raining green bullets. The area hit by these bullets depends on the height of the Doom Cloud, though the chance of hitting the enemy decreases as the bullet impacts become sparser the larger the area. It should be noted that while the bullets will disappear on contact with solid surfaces, the Doom Cloud is still able to do significant damage to players below it regardless of whether they are protected by roofs.

The Doom Cloud deals high damage and few classes can survive the full length of its rain of bullets, having the capability of killing multiple enemies before its duration runs out. As it nears deactivation, the cloud lowers itself to the ground and peters out in a burst of green light. The cloud follows the Assassin for its duration and stays active until the user dies, upon which it immediately self-destructs. The Assassin is not able to use its melee weapon or switch weapons when the Doom Cloud is activated, and must wait for cloud to disappear.

A confirmed way to prematurely destroy the Doom Cloud would be to get the Doom Cloud to come into contact with a solid surface, which will instantly destroy it and cause the player to reload. This method is rather difficult, as the Doom Cloud slowly adjusts its own movements to avoid solid obstacles, but not impossible.


The following Equipment affects the Doom Cloud:

Equipment: Effect:
Damage +1 + 3 damage
Damage +2 + 6 damage


  • The Doom Cloud will also destroy itself if it passes through a platform.
  • There is currently a glitch that makes the Doom Cloud still shoot bullets when Botch's reload animation starts, making it look that Botch has two Doom Clouds.
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