Wil doomstickers
Wil with the Doomstick


Chub Scout



Level Required



120 Gas


30.0 (+2.0)

Rate of Fire

0.25 second




3.25 seconds


Weapon Statistics

The Doomstick is a reskin of the Boomstick, appearing as a firey, more hellish version with an eye in the middle. It has a longer reload and deals less damage, but shoots faster and has three times the ammo. It came out in v.1.3.

"We give Wil a hard time but, the truth is, he is a far braver man than I for even touching this thing... 0__0"

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


When fired, the Doomstick releases a powerful, short ranged wave of bullets. It has a short reload and a very fast rate of fire, making it effective at close range. Like most other Chub Scout weapons, its stats in battle are determined by the outcome of the battle. In correspondence with this rule, it deals more damage to opponents with a higher kill/death ratio and less damage if a player's opponent has a low kill/death ratio, inflicting 30 damage if a player's kill/death ratio is greater than their opponent and 32 if it lower. This weapon is very effective in close combat but useless at long range, just like the Boomstick. Because of its very quick Rate of Fire, it can deal massive amounts of damage in almost an instant. It is presumed that the weapon could be used semi-automatically, but the Chub Scout uses it like a pump action shotgun.


The Doomstick


The following Equipment affects the Doomstick:

Equipment: Effect:
Damage +1 + 3 damage
Damage +2 + 6 damage
Ammo +1 + 1 bullet
Ammo +2 + 2 bullets


  • It originally cost 150 Gas.
  • All shotguns, including the Doomstick, have an identical range.
  • The Doomstick used to have a 7% Speed Buff, though this was removed in 1.4.2.
  • The Doomstick goes under the name KingSlayer in the game code.
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