EZ Chee-Z
EZ Chee-Z
Wil with the EZ Chee-Z


Chub Scout



Level Required



60 Gas



Area of Effect

Max Dmg 200.0, Min Dmg 400.0



Stat Modifier

-5 Health

Grow Time

4 seconds

Slow Amount



Weapon Statistics

The EZ Chee-Z is one of the Chub Scout's secondaries in Battle Bears Gold

Chugging this can of cheese will cause you to swell up and explode, killing yourself and anyone unlucky enough to be caught in the blast.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


When used, the player will shake the EZ Chee-Z can before eating its contents and bloating up to the point where the player will not be able to enter certain roofed areas. After a short time of 3 seconds (compared to the Whipped Pain's 3.5 seconds) in which the player moves at about half their speed, they will explode, killing anyone caught in the blast. The huge speed decrease and the fact that the player presents a huge target before detonation means that each detonation will require good skill and timing. It is useful for taking out a cluster of players which the player knows he cannot handle or as a last resort in a tight battle. It deals a minimum of 100 damage, and peaks at 150, meaning it can easily take out most enemies. Shields will not prevent suicide due to the fact the Chub Scout's interiors are blown up. It is best used in a cluster situation, where as many enemies as possible are fighting together in close proximity. The player must be wary, though, as their hit box increases dramatically before detonation. It and Whipped Pain are unique in the fact that they have no reload, and reset as soon as the player suicides. 


The following Equipment affects the EZ Chee-Z.

Equipment Effect
Explosions +1 + 15 damage
Explosions +2 + 25 damage


  • There was once a glitch where if a player used either EZ Chee-Z or Whipped Pain and swapped to Senor Potato before they suicided, they would respawn at pre-detonation size and stay that way until they died or swapped to their secondary again.
  • It used to cost 75 Gas .
  • There is a way to reload EZ CheeZ: First use EZ CheeZ, and then wait for 2 seconds or until Wil becomes pre-detonation size. Then quickly do a taunt (you will see Wil do the taunt in pre-detonation size). After that, EZ CheeZ will go through a quick reload.
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