Eagle Standard
Astoria with the Eagle Standard





Level Required



75,000 Joules


5 seconds



Shots per Second



4.0 seconds

Stat Modifier

20% Special Speed Increase

Projectile Speed

1,200 u/s


Weapon Statistics

Eagle Standard is a secondary weapon for Sniper, introduced in v1.3.1. The Eagle Standard is a reskin of the Tomahawk. Its purpose is the same as the Tomahawk: to be thrown at enemies to partially blind them. However, the Eagle Standard blinds the enemy for a shorter time, but increases a player's special recharge speed by 20% and has more ammo. 

Flapping around in someone's face, getting up in their business and ruining their day for your own selfish purposes? Sounds like blatant patriotism to me! 

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description 


Like all other Sniper secondaries, the Eagle Standard deals no damage and instead impedes the enemy, allowing for retreat or leaving them more vulnerable to attack. When thrown, the tied eagle will rotate forward with straight trajectory. If said eagle comes into contact with an opposing player, it will be let free of its retraints and violently thrash around their face, blinding them with a flurry of wings and feathers. Because of this, the player can use this distraction to either escape or attack the enemy. The Eagle Standard only partially blinds the opponent, and has no other side effects. Despite this, it has no noticeable AoE (Area of Effect) and it is often very difficult to hit an enemy player, especially with its small projectile size. It has a 20% special speed boost, which decreases the time at which it takes for a player's special to reload.

In comparison with its counterpart, the Tomahawk, it has a shorter duration (by 5 seconds), and a slightly slower reload time (by 1 seconds). Despite this, the Tomahawk doesn't possess the 20% reduction on the player's special speed.


  • There is currently a bug where if the player switches to the Eagle Standard from their Primary weapon while holding down their shoot mode, the projectile will fly backwards behind the player instead of the usual frontal arc.
  • Prior to v2.6, the Eagle Standard had a 15% special speed stat modifier. Although it can be inferred that it lowers the time the Special is able to be used again, it actually increases the amount of time it needs to recharge.
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