Electric Honey
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Riggs with the Electric Honey




Primary - Automatic

Level Required



10,000 Joules



Dispersion Angle


Rate of Fire

0.10 seconds




3 seconds


Weapon Statistics

The Electric Honey is a primary weapon for the Heavy class, being one of the original three primaries. It is a minigun, and features moderate Wind Up and Wind Down delays. It excels with an incredibly fast rate of fire, which compensates for its low damage. Its low ammo count and its fast rate of fire can quickly deplete it. Its accuracy is also slightly better than average, along with a moderate reload, making the weapon a more versatile choice.

Electrically charged bees are slightly smaller* allowing for a higher bees-per-hive ratio and thus longer continuous fire!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


Like all automatic weapons, the Electric Honey is capable of dealing constant, consistent damage as long as the weapon is aimed and fired at an enemy. Being a minigun, the Electric Honey features slight "wind up" and "wind down" delays, in which the barrel of the gun rotates in preparation for fire or cease fire. Despite how this may sound, it is barely affecting. The Electric Honey deals 5 damage per bullet and is capable of dealing 50 damage per second without the use of equipment or Propbearganda. Despite having 120 ammo, the Electric Honey has a 0.10 second rate of fire, and this ammunition is exhausted surprisingly quickly. When a player does finally run out of ammo, they will have to survive for 3 seconds.

The Electric Honey's main strongpoint is its small bullet spread and extreme accuracy. Because of this, players can attack from long, mid and close range, though getting closer is advised as less bullets are likely to miss and more damage is dealt. Because of these aspects, the Electric Honey can be considered a rather versatile choice for either a learning Heavy or an experienced one.


The following Equipment affects the Electric Honey:

Equipment: Effect:
Ammo +1 + 12 ammo
Ammo +2 + 18 ammo
Damage +1 + 0.35 damage
Damage +2 + 0.5 damage

Trivia and Additional Stats

    • Wind up speed value: 500
    • Wind down speed value: 300
    • Max barrel rotation value: 2000

(the exact times it takes to start and stop firing will be updated in the near future)

  • Previous Stats:
    • Damage: 7.5, 6.0
    • Bullet spread value: 0.10
    • Damage +1: 0.50 damage
    • Damage +2: 1.00, 0.75 damage
  • Originally, the Electric Honey cost 8,000 Joules.
  • The Electric Honey has the cheapest cost of all weapons.
  • The Electric Honey's appearance is complemented by additional effects, including small bees circling its hive as well as purple energy rings on the hive and barrel. This is purely cosmetic and has no added functionality.
  • The Electric Honey's description wrongly suggests that it has more ammo than other Heavy weapons.
  • The Electric Honey used to have 140 ammo before it was nerfed in v2.6.
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