Botch with the Emo skin equipped.

The Emo skin is a skin for the Assassin in Battle Bears Gold. It cost 200 Gas and has no level lock.

Botch liked everything before you did. Whatever!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description 


The Emo skin showcases Botch as a dark, gothic, stereotypical Emo. He has black fur throughout and is wearing equally dark clothes. He has a white undershirt with a black T-shirt over the top. He has grey, faded jeans held up by a black belt. He is wearing black and white checkered shoes often associated with teenagers. He has black, dipped dyed hair (primary colour depends on the player's team) that falls into an "Emo fringe", covering one of his large, neon green eyes. Botch has small, team coloured piercings ranging from his left brow to his ear.

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