Energy Overflow
The B-1000 with the Energy Overflow





Level Required



60 Gas


Uncharged: 45
Charged: 130




6 seconds

Stat Modifier

10% Health Reduction


Weapon Statistics

Energy Overflow is a primary weapon for the Assault in Battle Bears Gold. It was released in v2.3 of Battle Bears Gold

Sometimes you have hold it in and wait for the right moment, then release all over your enemy. What? I'm talking about this energy shotgun. What'd you think I was talking about?

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Energy Overflow is somewhat different from the original Assault primaries, and instead of incorporating explosive damage an an AoE it takes the form of a chargeable energy shotgun. The Energy Overflow can be fired in two non-charged shots or one charged, higher damaging blast. If a player goes to charge the Energy Overflow, it will begin charging, as particles converge on the barrel of the gun. This is purely a cosmetic effect and has no added functionality. Once fully charged, orbs of light will appear at the tip of the barrel. When firing a charged shot, the Energy Overflow's ammo will be immediately depleted as a single golden burst of damaging energy is released. The weapon will then have to go through its full reload process. If a partially charged shot is fired, only one ammo will be depleted, which will regenerate by itself after a few seconds. 

The Energy Overflow main weakness is its very short range, which goes badly for the Assault because of its extremely slow moving speed. Because of this, the player is likely to lose health before they can get into range. The 10% health reduction included with the weapon makes this even more dangerous. It also has the longest reload of any primary weapon in BBG, and as a result the player is extremely vulnerable in this period.


The following Equipment affects the Energy Overflow:

Equipment Effect
Damage +1 + 5 damage
Damage +2 + 10 damage


Video demonstration

Energy Overflow Demonstration

Energy Overflow Demonstration

Energy Overflow demonstration

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