Equipment are purchasable items in Battle Bears Gold used for making your weapons stronger in battle or to give your character slightly more health and etc. Each piece of equipment works only for a given list of weapons and works differently for each of these weapons. All characters are able to wear all kinds of equipment, but for some characters, a specific piece of equipment may be useless (e.g. Explosions+ equipment adds no benefits for snipers whatsoever).

Each piece of equipment comes in a "+1" and a "+2" version - the "+2" version not necessarily giving double the benefits compared to "+1" version, just giving more benefits than the +1 equipment.

  • All "+1" equipments are purchaseable through Joules.
  • All "+2" equipments are purchaseable only through Gas.

Equipment is not stackable, meaning you cannot use the same equipment twice at the same time. The update 1.4.2 started to disallow stacking. Although you cannot stack Damage +2 twice, for example, you can do Damage +2 and Damage +1 to make Damage +3.

Since the v1.3 update, new players have to unlock the second equipment slot for a price of 10 Gas, and also require to be level 8 to access the purchase.

List of equipment

In Battle Bears Gold, there are currently 6 different pieces of equipment available. Remember, that each of the mentioned equipments have both a "+1" and a "+2" version:

Most of these are self-explanatory. Ammo+ increases the amount of ammo for your weapons, meaning you don't have to reload that often. Armour+ adds more health to your charatcers maximum health. Damage+ adds more damage power for shooting weapons that aren't explosives. Melee+ makes your melee attacks stonger, while Explosions+ makes weapons featuring explosives stronger. And last, but not least, Speed+ makes your character move faster by a given percentage.

A few weapons do not have any pieces of equipment to back them up - an example would be the Huggable's primary weapons So Fly and Peek A Boo.

Click the equipment names above for a more detailed description, including a full guide of which weapons etc. are affected and a guide to how much they affect the player or their weapons.

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