Weapon Name
[[Character Name]] with the Weapon Name


[[Class name]]



Level Required

Level lock number


Value [[Joules/Gas]]

Damage (or other main statistic)


Rate of Fire

Value seconds




Value seconds

Stat Modifier (if applicable)

Percent Stat Boost/Reduction


Weapon Statistics

The Weapon name is a primary/secondary weapon for the Class, and was released in [[Version number]]. This following text can be about the release method, or any other relevant basic info. If the design is a reskin, it can be stated here of which weapon that might be or whatever else info that may seem relevant in the introduction. But remember that not every bit if information goes in the intro.

After the opening and main paragraphs, we place the official description retrieved from the game. Make sure it's 100% accurate!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


This/these paragraph(s) are used to describe how the weapon works. Does it fire a large amount of bullets in one direction? Is it able to perform headshots? Does it have any nerfing/buffing abilities? The list is long - put all relevant information on how the weapon works in a battle here. Please refrain from talking strategies and setups as this is irrelevant!


This/These paragraph(s) can be used to describe how the weapon actually looks. Is it red, blue or yellow? Does it have any special details to it? Anything worth of a mention is welcomed here.


The following Equipment affects the Weapon name:

Equipment: Effect:
Equipment +1 + X effect
Equipment +2 + X effect
Equipment +1 + X effect
Equipment +2 + X effect

More detailed information

Some weapons, like Sniper primaries, may require some additional information on advanced functions. Use only if necessary.


  • Can be used to add extra "as a matter of fact" notices.
  • Can be used to add extra information of curiosity.
  • Can be used to mention past information no longer applicable.
  • Etc.
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