Fairy's Dust
Astoria with the Fairy's Dust





Level Required



125,000 Joules


4 seconds

Rate of Fire

2.2 seconds




3 seconds

Stat Modifier

5% Speed Increase, 5% Special Speed Increase

Projectile Speed

1,000 u/s


Weapon Statistics

The Fairy's Dust is a secondary weapon for the Sniper in Battle Bears Gold. It takes the form of a purple sack with unknown, sparkling dust inside. When a sack is thrown and comes into contact with a surface, it creates a huge, harmless cloud of purple dust that can partially block a player's sight. It costs 125,000 Joules and has no level lock.

Enemy got you in their cross hairs? Toss this lil' sack-o-magic and give 'em the slip. This magical concoction can be a real life saver!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


Like all other Sniper secondaries, the Fairy's Dust deals no direct damage and instead impedes the enemy and allows for escape. When used, the player will throw a sack that will burst into a large, blinding cloud of "fairy dust" upon coming into contact with a surface, before undergoing a reload. Because of this, the player can use the Fairy's Dust to either escape a confrontation or attack a disorientated enemy (sniper rifles can still lock on to an enemy inside the cloud). Said cloud lasts for 4 seconds and allows amble time for the player to escape. 

The Fairy's Dust does no damage whatsoever, but is a strategic weapon that aids the player and helps to ensure their survival. When used in small, enclosed areas, the Fairy's Dust can be completely disorienting, and other players will often scramble around wildly, allowing for quick, unnoticed escape.


  • Some players have killed opponents with the Fairy's Dust, though it does no damage. This is presumably a glitch.
  • The Fairy's Dust does not show the reload time bar on the menu display.
  • Prior to v2.6, the Fairy's Dust had 2 ammo at its base and was affected by Ammo+ Equipment.