Tillman with the Fireworks




Secondary - Explosives

Level Required






Area of Effect

Max Dmg 150.0, Min Dmg 400.0

Rate of Fire

0.25 seconds




2.7 seconds


Weapon Statistics

The Fireworks is the default secondary weapon for the Demo in Battle Bears Gold. It takes the form of launchable firecrackers that rain down on enemies and deal damage to anyone in its explosive AoE (Area Of Effect). It is currently the Demo's least damage dealing weapon, though it is still effective in many ways. It cannot lock on to targets.

Quick to lock and fire these vertical missiles are great for harassing distant and slow moving opponents! Wait for targeting reticule to gain a full lock before firing.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Fireworks present themselves as small, red firecrackers that are held in place by the wings of the Demo's jetpack. When activated, their fuse is lit and they are quickly released into the air, landing a second or two later in a spiralling cascade of firecrackers. Wherever they happen to land, they expode into a flurry of damaging, orange sparks. The Fireworks has a speedy rate of fire, and land wherever the targeting reticule was at the time of launch, to make up for low damage-per-shot, meaning that they player can deploy a number of projectiles within a short period of time.

Despite its low damage and the drawbacks associated, the Fireworks is ocassionally used for its lack of a negative stat modifier. While almost all other Demo secondaries have negative speed modifiers, the Fireworks lacks anything of the sort and can be used if the player works best with a quick-paced play style.


The following Equipment affects the Fireworks:

Equipment: Effect:
Explosions +1 + 3 damage
Explosions +2 + 5 damage
Ammo +1 + 3 bullets
Ammo +2 + 5 bullets


  • The Fireworks have a Huggable's face on its surface. This might suggest that the Fireworks were made by/from Huggables or are designed to target Huggables.
  • Fireworks are the Demo's fastest firing weapon.
  • The amount of ammo was once increased from 10 to 30 because Tyler Trang, a SkyVu member, made it 80 ammo for fun one day. Feedback from fans was largely positive and SkyVu dec addided to buff it. Despite this, it was reverted back to its original ammunition count in v2.6.
  • The description is inaccurate as the Fireworks cannot actually lock onto targets.
  • The description references the fact that Fireworks used to lock
  • It is the only missile that can't lock, along with the Rocket Propelled Lance
  • It is the only missile that can't home into enemies along with the Rocket Propelled Lance