Flawless Disguise
Flawless Disguise






20 seconds


15 Gas


Hides player in small box

The Flawless Disguise is a Special in Battle Bears Gold. When in use, Snipers and Demos are unable to lock on you, and players from both teams cannot tell if you are friend or foe unless they are using the Radar or Sixth Sense Goggles.

It costs 15 Gas and has a level 7 lock.

It is useful to sneak around as it is very small and dull-coloured, and is (arguably) better than Cloaking because it has a fast cooldown, and the fact that you could stay in this as long as you want. The best ways to kill someone using FD is by using shotguns, melees or explosives as the box presents a very small target. FD also combats well against the Engineer as his Turret and Proximity Mine cannot detect and damage the player in disguise.

As of January 2013, FD's cooldown was 10 seconds before it was changed to 20 seconds.

Hide in a small cardboard box and become invisible!

*Neither team will be able to see who you are, trust no one!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


  • It is a reference to Metal Gear Solid, where the player can become practically invisible from guards simply by hiding in a large cardboard box.
  • The "neither team will be able to see who you are, trust no one" is referring to before BBR v1.2.1 when friendly fire was still enabled. Since no one could tell what team you are in you could be attacked by your teammates.
  • Before January 8th 2013, Flawless Disguise only had a cooldown of 10 seconds. This was most likely changed due to the huge fan complaint over the so-called Flawless Disguise Spammers.
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