Frozen Pundra is a map in Battle Bears Gold that was released in v2.7. This is is the map in Battle Bears Gold featuring a cave covered almost entirely in snow with large icicles hanging off the ceiling. A circular highway-like rock track raised above the ground by rocks circles the map, while a large rock dome occupies the centre of the map. There are also many tall mounds of snow situated in between. Overall, the map is quite enclosed, with Turkish SW Boots users often finding themselves hitting obstacles.

It is the game's third interactive map, as some large lightly-coloured icicles can drop from the ceiling and deal damage to players below if they are dealt enough damage. However, due to the fact that they can take several seconds to drop, do not deal significant damage and each have a small area of effect, using these icicles in direct combat is not a recommended strategy.


The pickups in Frozen Pundra can be found in the following location.

Bearscream Sandwich: Located inside the near the roof of the rock dome directly in the centre of the map, accessible by a Jump Pad below.
Imperial Basket Grande: Each located on opposite sides of the map, below the track.
Health Pack: Each located on large snow-covered rocks on opposite sides of the map
Shield: Each located on large snow-covered rocks on opposite sides of the map.


  • There is a small snowman outside of the circular track.
  • Firing at the icicles causes them to fall off and disappear on contact with the floor.