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For information about the Gas Meter in Battle Bears Gold, see Gas Meter.

Gas is a form of purchasable currency in Battle Bears Gold and Battle Bears Zero. A number of items in Gold cost Gas instead of Joules. This is mostly used in re-skinned weapons that are upgraded.

Name Price Amount Purchased
Small Gas Can $2.99 60 Gas
Medium Gas Can $4.99 110 Gas
Gas Tanker $19.99 480 Gas
Gas Can Option 4 $49.99 1240 Gas
Gas Can Option 5 $99.99 2,720 Gas

1.4.2 Extended Gas Purchases

Gas purchases were extended to 7500 Gas in v.1.4.2 of Battle Bears Gold. Before that, the largest Gas purchase available was only the Gas Tanker's 750 Gas. However, the three original Gas purchase values were also cut in half in the same update, meaning that although US $20 could purchase 750 Gas before, it can only buy 375 Gas now.

How to Obtain

  • Daily rewards (10 in the third consecutive day and 15 in the fifth consecutive day)
  • In-app purchases
  • Free/Paying Gas offers are powered by TapJoy
  • Having a good reputation (3 Gas every week if a good rating is maintained)


  • At one point, mostly in the 2.9 ver. of Battle Bears Gold, 1 Gas was referred as 1.00. It's unknown why this was amount was listed. The standard amount is 1, and without decimal places.
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