The Gas Meter

For information about Gas as currency, see Gas.

The Gas Meter is used to play matches and earn rewards in Battle Bears Gold.

Once the player starts a match, 1/10th of the meter will be used up, once the player starts a match with a full gas meter.A 2-hour counter will begin. The counter will refill the meter to full regardless of whether the player has emptied the meter or not. The meter will also refill if the player levels up, but the player is not able to level up if said meter is emptied.

Once the meter is empty, the player can choose between of playing without gas or refilling, but will cost the player 1 gas. If the player chooses to play without gas, the player can still play a match, but once the match ends, the player will not be awarded with any experience ponts or Joules, but skill points will be awarded or deducted accordingly.

Refilling the Meter

  • Pay one Gas to refill the meter once empty.
  • Wait out the counter.

Related Glitches

  • A glitch can occur where if the player plays a match, the meter will be refilled.

Related Achievements

  • The Leaky Faucet
    • If the player refills their Gas meter once, they will earn this achievement.
  • Endless Refills
    • If the player refills their Gas meter 25 times, they will earn this achievement. The player is not rewarded with endless refills.