Gear is something you can buy with Gold to aid you in battle. Gear can be activated in battle if you have the amount of Kill Tokens needed. For every player, 5 Kill Tokens will be awarded for their first kill, and every player killed, will drop one Kill Token. Other sources of Kill Tokens include Turrets, Generators, Bandits, as well as random Kill Tokens scattered around the map.




Level Lock Kill Token Cost Recharge (seconds) Description Image
Self Healing Potion Default 1 5 Heals _ health.
Player heal

Self Heal

Shield Default 1 10 Surrounds player with shields that halve all incoming damage for _ seconds.


Overclock* Default 1 60 Overclocks character and fully heals them.
Oco gear icon)

OCO icon

Team Healing Potion 10,000 10 Heals _ health for all friendlies.
Team heal

Team Heal

Sandbag Drop 10,000 5 Deploys sandbags in front of the player which protect from a single hit and can be climbed onto. 
IMG 0156

Sandbag Drop

Damage Boost 15,000 25 Quadruples player's damage for _ seconds.
IMG 0157

Damage Boost

Nuke 12,000
Nuke gear


Satellite BBF 20 This gear will allow a robot companion to follow the player. The BBF will shoot the exact same bullets that the player is shooting.
BBF Gear

Satellite BBF

Fake Token Drop 10,000 This gear will allow the player to place a Fake Token on the battlefield. The victim will be dealt some damage, and will have an effect on themselves.
Fake Token

Fake Token

Speed Boost 10,000 5 This gear will allow the player to run much faster.
Speed gear

Speed Boost


  • If done right, players can use the Sandbag gear to make a staircase and reach high locations in some maps which are inaccessible otherwise. However, the sandbags will not deploy in mid-air, only on the last solid surface the player was on. 
  • The Sanbags are also similar to the sandbags in Battle Bears: Zombies
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