God Complex is a skin for the Demo in Battle Bears Gold. It features team-colored war paint on Tillman.

God Complex

It costs 100 Gas and has no level lock.

Warpaint! It's fantastic!!!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description

It was available upon Battle Bears Gold's release in Version 1.0.


  • This skin is based on Kratos from the God of War video game franchise. They both have red warpaint, and they both have the strip over their left eye.
  • A God Complex is a belief in which a person believes that they are perfect, infallible and never wrong.
  • It formerly cost 400 Gas and was then reduced to 300 Gas before being reduced to the currently seen.
  • In the early beta versions of Battle Bears Royale (now Gold), it was called the Graphene and costed 7,500 Joules.
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