Gold Digger is a map in Battle Bears Gold.

It appears to be a mining cave, hence the name. There is a bridge in the middle of the map. If you fall off the bridge, and into a black pit, you will suicide. There are also mining carts filled with gold and team-coloured jewels to indicate which spawn point the player is in.


The Pickups in Gold Digger can be found at the following locations:

Bearscream Sandwich: Located at the middle of the bridge.
Shield: Located outside both teams' spawn, next to Imperial Basket Grande.
Health Pack: Located inside both teams' spawn.
Imperial Basket Grande: Located outside Red teams' spawn, next to Shields.


  • If a player is to glitch their way out of the map, they will see that the background is the same as Sky View, with all of its buildings, suggesting some connection between the two maps.
  • This is the only map where a team has a direct advantage over another, in this case the Red Team has an Imperial Basket Grande and Shields on their side while the Blue Team has only the Shields. This was because the Blue team originally had a Joules pickup in place of the Imperial Basket Grande, which was later removed from the game completely.